Reasons Why You Should Install an Epoxy Coating on Your Basement Floor

Reasons Why You Should Install an Epoxy Coating on Your Basement Floor

By CO Hard Surfaces
Posted on 1-14-2022

Have you ever seen an epoxy coated floor before? Odds are that you have. They have a seemingly impossible glossy finish that is hard to ignore. But did you know that epoxy coated floors are not only beautiful but functional? It’s true. They can be great for any flooring, but they are of particular benefit to concrete basement flooring. Allow us to explain.

Mold Resistant and Waterproof

The first reason why epoxy flooring is great for basements is because they create a waterproof and mold resistant environment. Concrete basements are naturally damper and moisture prone simply from being beneath the ground. But the basement is also going to be where water collects if you have a broken water pipe or anything else of that nature. An epoxy coating creates a waterproof barrier. This means that any water that is present will just sit on top of your floors, where you can then remove the water easily without it causing any further damage. And a bonus is that epoxy is resistant to mold, which is a common problem that occurs in basements. But you can have peace of mind with an epoxy floor knowing that the likelihood of mold taking hold in your basement is significantly low.

Ease of Maintenance

As we touched on briefly before, messes that find their way to your basement floor can be easily cleaned up thanks to an epoxy coating. Dirt and debris are a breeze to sweep away and stains will have a difficult time leaving their mark. Thanks to the smooth finish, mopping only takes a moment. Caring for a floor truly couldn’t be easier.

Incredibly Durable

Durability is always a consideration. You want to invest in something that will last for a long time, and an epoxy coating will. Not only will it protect your basement floor by sealing cracks and gaps, but the epoxy itself is well protected. You do not have to worry about it peeling or flaking away after years of use.

Beautiful Finishes

Things that are highly functional are rarely beautiful, but epoxy coatings are. They come in any color imaginable, so if you want to try out a fun color, you can. But even if you like a more muted option, the end result will still be equally stunning.

With a bit of careful consideration and planning, installing an epoxy coating is something any homeowner can do. The room for error, however, often leaves people frustrated with the results. If you want to ensure that you get a durable and beautiful floor, reach out to CO Hard Surfaces today.