How Your Business Can Avoid a Liability Lawsuit

How Your Business Can Avoid a Liability Lawsuit

By CO Hard Surfaces
Posted on 3-7-2022

Accidents happen. Even the most meticulously kept commercial property is not exempt from this truth. If you are a business owner or own a property that can be accessed by the public, how can you protect yourself from premises liability lawsuits?

What Are Some Common Liability Claims?

Some of the most common liability claims include slips, falls, dog bites, and work-related injuries. The common thread among these claims will focus on whether you as the property owner took reasonable care of the space to prevent injuries.

How To Avoid a Liability Lawsuit

Regular Property Inspections

One of the best things you can do to prevent injuries from occurring on your property is to regularly inspect the premises. Take note of potentially dangerous spots or damaged sidewalks or railings. Fix problems if you can and warn others of problems that you cannot. If your property is located in an area where snow and ice are a thing, make sure to lay down salt or slip resistant mats down to prevent hazards related to these elements.

Warn People of Hazards

If you cannot fix an issue immediately or at all, it is important that you make an effort to warn people of the potential hazard instead. This could look like blocking off a dangerous area with caution tape or placing a wet floor sign near slippery areas. When you do your part to warn others of potential dangers, even if an accident should occur on your property, it will be harder to pin the blame on you.

Make Needed Repairs

And if you can, make repairs to mend potential hazards. This could include having buckles stretched from carpets, shoveling snow, or laying down salt over ice. If your property includes concrete stairs or walkways, these need to be kept in good repair as well. Cracked, crumbing, or otherwise compromised concrete is a common tripping hazard. At CO Hard Surfaces, we specialize in concrete repair. Give a call today if your concrete needs mending and steer clear of liability lawsuits!