How to Decorate Using Concrete

How to Decorate Using Concrete

By CO Hard Surfaces
Posted on 2-4-2022

Concrete is an extremely strong and tough material. It is often used when building foundations, streets, and other structural items that need a sturdy base. Because of this, you may think of concrete solely as a foundational material that should be built on top of and covered up. But many people are seeing the value of using concrete in designing homes and buildings. The natural variations in shades of gray offer instant visual interest without being busy and its low maintenance and nearly indestructible makeup allow you to use this material anywhere you please. If you are interested in the idea of highlighting concrete in your design and decor elements but do not know where to begin, here are a few ideas.

Accent Wall

Creating a faux concrete wall using paint and plaster is a big trend right now, but if you can have the real thing, why wouldn’t you? An entire room of bare concrete walls might come off a bit cold, but an accent wall can be just the right amount. Incorporating a concrete accent wall into your home design will play well with industrial, minimalist, and urban aesthetics.


If you want to try out concrete elements in a way that does not require a big commitment, start out by incorporating some concrete furniture. Vases, lamps, side tables, and similar items are an easy way to accent your home’s style with modern industrial style. Or if you are not opposed to permanent fixtures, a concrete kitchen island can make a dramatic and practical addition.

Floors and Stairs

Flooring is a natural choice to show off the qualities and characteristics of concrete. In fact, many homes and businesses already have concrete flooring, it might just be hiding beneath carpet. There are two routes you can take when it comes to concrete flooring, either polished or sealed. Polished concrete gives off a highly reflective finish and can have lovely earthy tones added into the finish. Sealed concrete will leave you with more of the natural elements of concrete while still protecting it and allowing it to perform at its peak. Either polished or sealed options will leave you with an impressively stylish floor.

So why not give concrete a place in your home? It's a sturdy material that is bound to last you a lifetime and adapt with your changing style over the years. And when you need your concrete sealed, repaired, polished, or anything else, contact CO Hard Surfaces to help.