Why You Should Consider Polished Concrete for Your Garage

Why You Should Consider Polished Concrete for Your Garage

By CO Hard Surfaces
Posted on 5-4-2023

CO Hard Surfaces handles a wide range of concrete projects, from resurfacing to polishing. Through polishing, we have seen how it is a superior option for airplane hangars, car showrooms, and garages alike. If your garage needs a little TLC, here are a few reasons you should consider polished concrete.


First benefit to polished concrete is that it is, understandably, very durable. Polished concrete is a highly durable flooring option that can withstand heavy foot traffic, vehicle traffic, and impact from dropped tools or equipment. It's also resistant to damage from chemicals, oils, and other common garage spills.

Easy to Clean

The next benefit is that polished concrete is easy to clean. What makes polished concrete easy to clean comes down to the fact that it is non-porous. Spills and stains can be wiped up quickly, and regular sweeping or mopping is all that's needed to keep the surface looking clean.


Polished concrete is a cost-effective flooring option compared to other garage flooring materials like tiles, epoxy, or carpet. It's also long-lasting, which means you won't need to replace it as frequently as other materials. Who doesn’t want to save money where they can!


Polished concrete has a high reflectivity, which can help to increase the brightness in your garage. This can be especially beneficial if you use your garage as a workspace or for hobbies that require good lighting.


Polished concrete can be treated with anti-slip coatings or additives to improve its slip resistance. This makes it a safer option for garages where spills or wet surfaces may be common.


And finally, polished concrete just looks nice. Polished concrete has a modern and sleek look that can elevate the appearance of your garage. It can be customized with different colors, stains, and patterns to match your style and preferences.

In conclusion, choosing polished concrete for your garage flooring can offer several benefits, including durability, easy maintenance, cost-effectiveness, reflectivity, slip resistance, and aesthetic appeal. Don’t hesitate to reach out to CO Hard Surfaces if you want to take your garage flooring to the next level.