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There are several reasons to choose us for your next concrete repair or decorative concrete project.

  1. We offer a 2 year installation guarantee.
  2. We are bonded, insured, and in some areas that require it, we are certified.

We will usually be in touch very quickly with you to gather all pertinent information. We will schedule a time to stop by and see your project. Due to our workload, coordinating schedules, distance to the jobsite, we may give you a time window when we will be there. We will be in contact a couple times that day to confirm, and then narrow down a time frame for the estimate. During the estimate, you can feel free to ask any question you'd like of our estimator. Our estimator will walk you through the estimate, explaining the work, materials, costs, and time frame of the job. This will be emailed to you to review. We will then follow up with you to either schedule the work, or answer any further questions you may have.

Once the project begins, you can expect us to be on time, keep your property and our job site clean and neat, communicate with you about the progress of the project, finish within a reasonable time of estimated completion (unless otherwise communicated or agreed with customer), provide you with any necessary work logs, data sheets, or further info, and where necessary, complete a satisfactory walk-through.

Upon completion, you will receive a detailed invoice, and we will leave the job site in a clean and neat condition.

This will depend on the size and scope of the project. Most of our residential jobs can be completed in 1-3 business days. Larger retail and commercial job completion dates can be discussed with your estimator.

We do our best to educate our customers as to what to expect, and what the finished product will look like. We do our best to answer any questions, or concerns, as well as provide any additional info in the way of pictures, online info, or manufacturer info as necessary. We can help in the decision making process about which direction to go for your project. In the end, it is our customers who have to decide on what will best suit their needs. Because of this, it is also our customers who will have to do their best to educate themselves as to the purchase they are making. Also, no two pieces of concrete are the same. So there may be variations in color, texture, gloss, etc. that may effect the final appearance of the job. If these conditions are out of our control, we cannot be responsible for these variations.

Yes, and no. Depending on your service, it may require large specialized equipment during the project to ensure a quality finished product, or to complete the project correctly. Other jobs, which may not require large equipment, may seem like an easy fix. Some larger box stores or hardware stores may sell products claiming to do what we do for a fraction of the cost. In EVERY one of these instances, you will absolutely get what you pay for!! Our products and systems have been tested for years, and in some instances, decades, to ensure that what we provide you is a permanent, and attractive application.

Cracking is a natural, expected, and accepted behavior of concrete. However, it may affect the appearance or even the integrity of concrete. We cannot guarantee that concrete will not crack. Sealing concrete significantly reduces the leading cause of cracking, and that is water and ice. Also, using salts or de-icing chemicals sparingly will help to reduce the likelyhood of concrete cracking. There is no way to completely prevent or manage all the factors that cause concrete to crack. You may want to speak with our estimator if you have any other questions or concerns.

Yes, but very sparingly. We also recommend that as soon as the temperature is reasonably above freezing, rinse your surface of the salts, and keep it clean.

This is a relative question. It may seem expensive at the start, however, we can assure you that we are far less expensive than many other options. Also, in the case of deteriorating concrete, it is always better to pay for a quality repair as soon as possible, than any other option. Concrete can be a difficult and expensive material to work with. It is always best to go with one quality repair or application, than to risk having to re-do, re-apply, or continually repair using semi or non-permanent materials based on cost.

It may. Depending on your application, we may have to trim, move, or push back your landscaping in order to complete your project in a satisfactory manner. Before we do anything with your landscaping, we will communicate this to you. Also, our sealants have a very rapid curing rate, so you don't have to worry about them seeping into the ground and affecting plants and shrubs.

In general, all concrete can be colored. We usually use a dye to color concrete, and depending on porosity, surface texture, and other variables with concrete, your concrete will accept color. When choosing color, remember that your base color (the canvas) is concrete which is gray. Most colors will darken concrete, and when sealed, will be significantly darker. It is difficult to make concrete lighter than it already is.

Very simply, just use water. If you'd like you can use a neutral cleaner, and these can be found at most retailers. Rinse the surface, and either sweep or mop as necessary to dry the surface.

There are many factors effecting concrete. Some of these factors will effect the lifespan of your concrete. Snow, ice, road salts, foot and car traffic, are all factors that can deteriorate concrete. Our applications are designed and installed to be permanent. We offer a 2 year installation guarantee. Most often, surface or sealant failures are due to installation, so if you don't have any issues after 2 years, you shouldnt have any issues for many years after this. The majority of our applications do not need to be resealed. Ask your estimator for further info about the need for resealing.

Not necessarily, unless the current condition of your concrete is detracting from the value of your home. All of our applications are designed to beautify and maintain your home or space, and in general will add to the overall appearance and enjoyment of your concrete.

Yes, we also provide non slip additives to most sealed surfaces to prevent slips and falls.

We require a 50% deposit for most projects over $500. Final payment is due upon completion. We are not a net 30 company, unless this is stated in our work agreement or contract.

In some instances, immediately, and most other cases, within 24 hours. In some cases, our estimator or foreman will notify you of any other considerations you may need to know about before using your concrete.

NO. Depending on your application, we may have public buildings or areas that may be convenient for you to visit if necessary.

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