A Waterproof Flooring Option

A Waterproof Flooring Option

By CO Hard Surfaces
Posted on 1-10-2023

If you prioritize ease of maintenance and durability above all for your indoor space, look no further than concrete flooring. When compared to tile, carpet, or hardwood, none of these flooring options stand up to the durability and hardiness that concrete offers.

While extremely durable on its own, concrete does have one notable hamartia: porosity. But that flaw is easily remedied once polished. How so? Let’s discuss that.

How Polished Concrete Protects Your Flooring

Concrete is most commonly seen outside in the form of walkways and driveways, but it makes a great interior flooring material as well. When it is outside, however, any moisture that comes in contact with it evaporates rather quickly. This is not exactly the case when concrete is located indoors. Which means that waterproofing your indoor concrete flooring should be a priority.

Polished concrete helps to waterproof concrete by sealing its inherent pores. By doing so it prevents a multitude of problems from occurring in the first place. One such problem that can take hold in concrete is mold development. The pores in concrete provide the perfect hiding place for mold to take hold in, all you have to do is add water. But if you have polished concrete, mold becomes irrelevant.

Water is a powerful element. Over the course of thousands of years, it can carve canyons out of mountains. It can make quick work of damaging your concrete flooring structurally as well. You can prevent erosion, etching, and scarring to your concrete by having it polished.

How to Keep Your Concrete Waterproof

We know that concrete is a low maintenance material but that does not mean that it is a no maintenance material. To maintain concrete’s waterproof quality, you should take care to have it professionally refinished from time to time. When exactly you should have this done depends on how much wear and traffic your flooring faces. But a good rule of thumb is that if the concrete begins to look quite dull, it is time for a refinishing.

And when the time for a polish comes, your friends here at CO Hard Surfaces will be ready and able to help!