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Denver Concrete Polishing

In Denver, concrete polishing is fast becoming the norm in commercial, industrial and residential homes alike. Praised for being an inexpensive, easy to clean and maintain, long lasting flooring solution; polished concrete floors are being installed in warehouses, retail stores, medical buildings, restaurants, office buildings and homes.

Concrete Polishing Choices

When choosing a polished concrete floor, the choices available are numerous. Clients can choose most any color, overlay pattern or stain to create a truly special and custom look. From matte to high gloss, polished concrete floors really stand out.

Concrete polishing – The results are in the process

At Colorado Hard Surfaces we are concrete polishing specialists. We serve customers in Denver and throughout the State of Colorado. Our services stand out from our competitors because we have developed fully mechanical processes utilizing top of the line diamond-impregnated tooling rather than using chemical processes. This ensures long lasting shine versus chemical polishing which, while less expensive, will dull and wear with continued use.

When you are looking for the best concrete polishing service in the Denver area, you can count on the experience of Colorado Hard Surfaces. Our technicians are CSDA certified and we pride ourselves on providing a great customer experience.

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