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denver concrete repair

If you live in Denver, concrete repair is inevitable. Minor cracks, spalling, and deteriorating concrete can develop for a number of reasons including harsh weather, expansive soil movement, poor concrete installation, heavy salts and de-icing chemicals to name a few. At Colorado Hard Surfaces we don’t believe in just putting a bandage on a problem but identifying, to the extent possible, the cause of the problem so that it doesn’t reoccur.

Concrete Repair Specialists

As concrete repair specialists we perform concrete repairs in Denver and throughout the state of Colorado for both homeowners and commercial property owners. Our concrete repair teams bring expert knowledge to your concrete s urface repair as well as concrete polishing, concrete resurfacing and concrete sealing.

Repair or Replace Concrete

Often times, people assume that their concrete needs to be torn out and re-poured. Concrete contractors that aren’t familiar with the latest advances in concrete repair will frequently sell clients on replacing concrete because that is what they know how to do. However, we frequently repair damaged concrete that other companies say needs to be replaced. Our portfolio of past projects shows our success in repairing the most damaged concrete surfaces.

If you are unsure whether to repair or replace your concrete, consider this:

  • It takes less time to repair concrete than it does to tear out and repour concrete.
  • While your concrete is being repaired you can still walk on it. When you tear out and repour concrete you cannot walk on it until it has cured.
  • Repairing your concrete will cost less than tearing out and repouring.

What Makes Our Concrete Repair Process Different?

As industry experts we test and stay up-to-date on the latest advances in concrete repair. We use cutting edge equipment to prepare your surfaces and then apply the most advanced, commercial grade bonding agents to ensure your repair lasts. We have successfully repaired concrete patios, porches, walkways and driveways.

To learn more about our work, check out our photo gallery and read our client reviews. Then call or click below to get a free estimate:

Crack & Joint Repair & Seal

  • Flexible Crack Repair Sealant
  • Flexible Expansion Joint Sealant
  • Gap Fill & Seal
  • Repairing cracks, & sealing expansion joints can prevent future damage. By sealing cracks, breaks, & fractures in your concrete, water, ice, dirt, & debris from deteriorating your concrete.